1. A village community that empowers the farmers with Modern irrigation and farming methods which keep the harvest bountiful all year round.
  2. The project is spread across an area of 2000 acres.
  3. The foundation will be able to provide Direct Employment for over 1500 people.
  4. A diverse range of exotic fruits and vegetables are produced organically, Cryogenic Solar Paneled freezers have been installed for storage of food products.
  5. With around 1800 cows and modern dairy farming techniques we produce 100% organic milk products.
  6. The waste generated is sent to the biogas digester, which is then converted to biogas for energy consumption.
  7. Community centre has more than 2000 SHG groups specifically established for women empowerment and supporting the local community.
  8. To maintain the ecology of the place 15% of the site is designated as wild zone.
  9. Over 500 housing units provided for the farmers and their families.
  10. The foundation also provides free education and healthcare.