Managing director


Mithun is at the forefront of the foundation’s efforts to uplift rural communities and create sustainable livelihoods for women in particular. Before dedicating himself to the cause of social impact, Mithun worked in the startup ecosystem. He played a crucial role in the growth of multiple startups, helping them raise funds, expand their operations, and scale their businesses. His expertise in areas such as marketing, sales, and customer acquisition proved invaluable to these startups, and they were able to achieve significant success under his leadership.

Mithun has also been associated with United to Achieve, an NGO that is dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children. He worked tirelessly to ensure that children from marginalized communities received access to quality education and opportunities to succeed in life.
Driven by his passion for making a positive impact on society, Mithun decided to channel his energies towards the causes that he believed in. He recognized the need for empowering women and supporting sustainable agricultural practices and founded the Geetanjali Devi Foundation to address these issues. Under his guidance, the foundation has been able to make a tangible difference in the lives of rural women. Through its various initiatives, the foundation has helped women acquire new skills, start their own businesses, and generate income for themselves and their families. The foundation’s efforts towards promoting organic farming have also been well-received, with farmers in several villages adopting sustainable agricultural practices and reaping the benefits of higher yields and better quality produce.